We value wholistic education
where students can grow
in a quest to each realize
their own ideals.

About Otani University


A university with a 120 year history

Otani University is a university with 120 years of history. Founded in the Buddhist spirit clarified by Shinran, "The Study of Being Human" is taken as the centerpiece of its educational and research activities. Although small in size, the university is broadly connected with the local community and society at large

About Otani University

Located inKYOTO

The campus is in Kyoto,
where one can experience
Japanese history and culture

Kyoto once flourished as the geographic center of Japanese politics and culture. Through its long history, a unique traditional cultural atmosphere has developed in the city and there are still many valuable historical sites and cultural assets that one can see and experience. Otani University students can engage in their research in such an environment

Location & Transportation

A Center for Research onBuddhism

The university is a center for
academic research into Buddhism in Asia

The facilities at Otani University are particularly well suited to pursuing cutting edge research in Buddhism. The university's Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute participates in a variety of research projects with scholars at research institutions all over the world, holding international conferences and workshops regularly. There are also a large number of rare books and other materials related to Buddhism held by the university's library and museum.

The Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute

Support forinternationalstudents

There are a variety of programs available to support students from abroad so they can focus on their studies

Otani University has a variety of facilities to support students' academic activities, including "GLOBAL SQUARE" which assists students from overseas in all aspects of their academic lives. Students from overseas can rest assured that they will be able to focus on their studies.

Campus Life

Graduate School

Do specialized research at a center for Buddhist research

Undergraduate School

Otani University’s wholistic education nurtures students' academic
abilities through interaction among members of the university community

For Applicants

Information about entrance exams and other available support for those who are considering studying at Otani University is available here,

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