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Research Fellow

Otani University operates a research fellow program that offers participants guidance with their respective research projects. Note that the program is for a fixed period of time and an Otani University full-time teaching staff person will be assigned to supervise research.

Types of Research Fellowships

Entrusted research fellow: Applicants for this status must be affiliated with a trusted public organization or research institute.
General research fellow: Application for this status can be done on an individual basis.

Qualification for Application (Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria)

1. Must be a university/college graduate
2. Must have completed at least 16 years of overseas school education

Research Period

3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years from April or October (maximum cumulative total: 4 years)


The approval of a supervisor issued by the University’s full-time teaching staff is required for application.

Materials to Be Submitted for Application

1.Application form (designated form; photo to be affixed)
2.Supervisor’s approval (designated form)
3.Original of school diploma (Certificate of Education)
4.Two photos
5.In the case of an Entrusted research fellow, contract signed by affiliated publicorganization or a letter of recommendation written by the director of the research institution
6.In the case of foreign applicants, photocopy of passport and certificate of foreign registration
7.Any other documents specifically requested by the University

Examination Method

Documentary examination

Program Fees

3 months: 60,000 JPY
6 months: 120,000 JPY
12 months: 240,000 JPY

Overseas Applications

1.Visa and Status of Residence

After permission is granted to a prospective research fellow, he/she is expected to visit the nearest Japanese Embassy (Consulate) in their home country to obtain a visa that corresponds to the Status of Residence that matches the research activities being pursued by the research fellow. In many cases, to obtain a visa, you will need the Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice. Otani University will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau on behalf of prospective research fellows. For this application, a document certifying the applicant's ability to pay all expenses during his/her stay in Japan and other documents will be required. This procedure can take approximately three months.

2.Foreign Resident Registration

All research fellows who are staying in Japan for 90 days or more are required to apply for Foreign Resident Registration at the city (ward) office in his/her district. This must be completed before the 90th day after entry into Japan.

3.Medical Insurance

Any foreign research fellow who plans to reside one year or longer in Japan is required to join Japan’s public medical insurance system.


Otani University does not provide accommodation for its research fellows. All research fellows are required to secure their own apartment or other living accommodations. It should be noted that in some cases handling fees and deposits are expensive. It is advisable to have a clear idea about your preferences and define your budget limitations accordingly.

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