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Campus Life

Campus Life

Otani University offers various support programs for international students so that they are able to lead fully productive lives on campus.

Orientation for New Students

To facilitate a worry-free start to life in Japan, Otani University conducts orientation for all new international students. Orientation includes

1.Explanation of legal formalities (status of residence, registration as a foreign resident, etc.)
2.Explanation of class enrollment at Otani University
3.Explanation of scholarships and residence

Legal Formalities

1. Visa and Status of Residence

All prospective international students of Otani University must go to a Japanese embassy (consulate) in their respective home country to obtain a visa that corresponds to their status of residence and matches their purpose of visit, activity during stay and period of stay. To obtain a visa, a Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice is needed. Otani University will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau on behalf of any prospective student. Please note when filling out the form that the status of residence for any student or international research student accepted at Otani is ‘College Student.’

2. Foreign Resident Registration

To stay 90 days or longer in Japan, all foreigners must first complete the Foreign Resident Registration at a city (ward) office in his/her district. This must be done prior to the 90th day after entry into Japan.

3. Medical Insurance System

Any foreigner residing in Japan for a period of one year or longer is required to join Japan’s national public medical insurance plan.

Inquiry Services

●Office of Student Affairs (1F, Kyomonkan)

This office handles enrollment confirmation, address confirmation, legal formalities concerning status of residence, scholarships, issuing various certificates, after-school jobs, etc.

●Career Development Center (1F, Kyomonkan)

Guidance and consultation on career paths after graduation/completion. Personal consultations.

●Office of Academic Affairs (1F, Kyomonkan)

Services concerning classes, such as enrollment, earning course credits and examinations.

●Nurse’s Office (1F, Hakusokan)

Provides first-aid treatment for injured or sick people as well as healthcare consulting services.

●Admissions Office (1F, Hakusokan)

Entrance examinations for post-graduate master’s and doctoral programs and acceptance of international research students.

●Academic Services Office, Office of International Affairs (1F, Korukan)

Contact with exchange universities and international students after they return to their home countries.

●GLOBAL SQUARE (1F, Kyomonkan)

Holds cultural exchange events for international and Japanese students, and bazaars for international students.
International students can use the Global Square as a place to meet with Japanese friends and also for study purposes.

Part-time work

The “College Student” status of residence is intended for academic activities only. International students are not allowed to take after-school jobs unless they obtain permission from the Immigration Bureau. It is necessary to apply for “permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the previously granted Status of Residence” at the Immigration Bureau. Consult the Office of Student Affairs if you wish to obtain permission. Taking the applicant’s academic and economic conditions into consideration, an application will be filed at the Immigration Bureau by Otani University.

International Cultural Exchange Sessions

Otani University holds its International Cultural Exchange Sessions biannually for international students to foster friendships with Japanese students and experience Japanese culture. You can apply to participate in these sessions at the Office of Student Affairs.
Participation fees are not required.

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